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Details The-1950s-Scrapbook

After ten years of austerity, the early 1950s saw rationing draw to an end. Gathered together in this colourful creation of over 1,000 products and images, The 1950s Scrapbook conjures up the life and times of the decade. From the Festival of Britain ...

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Details The-1950s-Ireland-in-Pictures

Ireland's premier photographers, The Lensmen, captured the essence of life in Ireland during the 1950s in their stunning and thought provoking images. This collection offers a fascinating insight into the cultural and political events of the decade ...

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Details 1950s-American-Recordings-Vol4

Œuvres de Milan, Narvaez, Mudarra, Dowland, Frescobaldi, Couperin, Ponce, Scarlatti... / Andres Segovia, guitare